Bargaining 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Has a ULP Work Stoppage been called for? What is the difference between an informational picket and a work stoppage?
A. We are planning an informational picket that is not a work stoppage or disruption of work. We hope that this will send a clear signal to management about how serious we are.

Q. If I am scheduled to work during the informational picket on July 16; should I still report to work?
A. Yes. Please wear RED where applicable while on shift to show your solidarity.

Q. Can I be disciplined for participating in the informational picket during non-work hours?

A. No, Absolutely not. Your right to engage in an informational picket during non-work hours is strictly protected by Michigan labor law. It is illegal for the hospital to act against any nurse, including probationary nurses, for participating in concerted union activities. If you are threatened with any form of retaliation for participating in this or other protected activity, please immediately contact your MNA-UMPNC representatives.  

Q. Can I bring my family and friends to the informational picket?
A. Yes! Please bring as many friends and family members as you can to show the University of Michigan executives that our community has our back. The informational picket will be on Saturday, July 16, Meet at 10 am on Saturday, July 16, Fuller Park Field 7 (east of yellow parking lot on Fuller Rd). Marching will start from Fuller Field at 11am.

Q: Are strikes prohibited by Michigan law?

A: Under the Michigan Public Employment Relations Act (PERA) public employees cannot withhold their services for the purpose of attempting to force the employer to change conditions of employment. PERA, however, does not prohibit nurses from withholding their services to protest an employer’s alleged unfair labor practices. MNA-UMPNC does not support strikes which are prohibited under PERA.

Q. I’m still on probation, can I join?

A: Absolutely! Michigan law protects all union employees engaged in collective action, including info pickets. You are covered from the day you are hired. It is illegal for the hospital to take action against any nurse, probationary or otherwise, for participating in concerted union activities


Q. What happens after expiration?

A: After expiration, the hospital must still follow the terms of the contract. After expiration management cannot make any changes to working conditions without bargaining over them first.  The only thing they can’t do is give step increases, raises, or backpay because the legislature made that illegal for public sector in 2011.