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Call the new MNA-UMPNC office line at

Contact emails for interim executive committee


Anne Jackson, RN

Interim President

Jeremy Lapham, RN, FNP-BC

Interim Secretary/Treasurer

Jacquelyn Lampe, RN

Interim Chief Rep

OR/Procedural Areas On-Site

Bethany Moore, RN

Interim Chief Rep

On-Site Ambulatory Care/Case Management/Consult Services

Mel Raymond (Gibney), RN

Interim Vice President

Ted McTaggart, RN

Interim Chief Rep

Ambulatory Care Off-Site Areas & Health Centers/MVN/MVC

Allison Carroll, RN

Interim Chief Rep

Peds, Perinatal, Child Psych

Renee Curtis, RN

Interim Dispute Chair

Bret Kelly, RN

Interim Chief Rep

University Hospital & CVC Acute Care

Jenn DelVero, RN, FNP-C

Interim Chief Rep

Advanced Practice


Rep Area Reference List

University Hospital and CVC Acute Care
4A/B/C, 5A/B/C, 6A/B/C, 7A/B/C, 8A/B/C, 9C,
ECT, CVC5, MICHR, CSR Acute Care, 7W, 8E, MSSU, SSU

University Hospital ICUs and CVC ICU
4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, CVC4, TBICU, ED, CSR AICU, SWAT,
Survival Flight, Psych. Emergency Services, ECMO

Peds, Perinatal, Child Psych
7E, 10E/W, 11W, 12E/W, VVWH, Brandon ICU, CAP6,
OB Anesthesia RNs, CSR PAC and PCC, Children’s Emergency Services, VAST

Ambulatory Care Off-Site Areas and Health Centers/MVN/MVC
ALL off-site practices, including ORs/PACUs (East Ann Arbor, Livonia, etc),
Procedure Areas, Dental School, University Health Service, Flint Health Service,
off-site ACNRP, PD and E staff nurses, MVN, MVC

OR/Procedure Areas On-Site
UH OR, UH PACU, C and W OR, C and W PACU, MPU, Cardiac Cath, EPS,
ECHO, CVC OR, CVC PACU, Radiology, Apheresis,
ALL on-site dialysis units, Kellogg Eye Center

Advanced Practice 

On-site Ambulatory Care/Case Management/Consult Services
Case Management, HomeMed/Infusion (hospital-based), Adult Pain Service, 
Pediatric Pain Service, Occupational Health, Radiation Oncology, Wound/Ostomy,
Taubman Center, Cancer Center, Infusion areas, ALL on-site clinics