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To learn more about why there is an interim team, visit the FAQs page.

Meet the interim team:

Anne Jackson.jpg

Anne Jackson, RN, CW Peds Multi-Specialty

Interim President

I started at U-M in 1984, I helped as nurses laid down the foundation of all that we have now in our contract. I stepped forward as Interim President because I believe in the power of nurses.  I’ve been a district rep since 2012 for ambulatory care. I have served as a delegate since then as well.  I was one of the main nurse organizers in the 2018 contract campaign. I firmly believe that no one is better capable of standing up for what’s best for nurses and their patients than us nurses ourselves; and that when we join together for this, we truly are a powerful force for good.

Renee Curtis.jpg

Renee Curtis, RN, Emergency Dept.

Interim Dispute Chair

I’ve been a nurse in the ED since 2002 and served in many leadership positions both at UMPNC and at the state and national level. I’ve helped negotiate four bargaining contracts for UMPNC and sat on the UMPNC Framework Steering Committee. With my knowledge and background, I believe I can be an asset to keeping UMPNC strong through this current situation and help us come out the other side stronger than before.

Mel Gibney photo.jpg

Mel Raymond (Gibney), RN, 6A

Interim Vice President

I’ve worked at the U-M for 5.5 years and have been a district rep for all but one of those. I chose to step up as MNA-UMPNC Vice Chair because I’ve seen and heard about the things that need to be fixed. I want nursing’s voice to be listened to and respected. We cannot provide A+ service with C- responses to our concerns. We must have safe staffing ratios for nurses at U-M and for all nurses in Michigan.

Jeremy Lapham 2.jpg

Jeremy Lapham, RN, FNP-BC, Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools

Interim Secretary/Treasurer

For the past four years, I’ve worked for U-M as a school-based NP with the Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools. I’m most proud of my role with the Ghana Emergency Medical Collaborative and the overseas work I’ve been able to do through them. I’m currently the interim UMPNC treasurer/secretary and held that position before in 2009. I believe that my skills in institutional governance and the need for a significant level of personal and professional accountability will be helpful in building UMPNC into a strong union.

Bethany Moore.JPG

Bethany Moore, RN, 

Ambulatory Care

Interim Chief Rep

On-Site Ambulatory Care/Case Management/Consult Services

I became a nurse in 2008 as a second career and hired in as a graduate nurse at the University. I first became involved in UMPNC as delegate to the MNA House in 2016. I became an ambulatory care district rep in 2017, and have since remained dedicated to representing members, enforcing our CBA, and fighting for continued strength for our Union. I’m currently serving as your interim Chief Rep for On-site Ambulatory Care. My desire is that we move forward in solidarity. I fully believe we have an even stronger future together! We are powerful when we work collectively to improve our workplace and fight for the safety of each other.

Bret Kelly.jpg

Bret Kelly, RN, 5C

Interim Chief Rep

University Hospital & CVC Acute Care

My leadership at UMPNC and MNA has consisted of being a district rep from 2017 to 2021, a delegate to the MNA House of Delegates from 2017 to present, and serving on the MNA Board of Directors from 2020-present. I’ve been a nurse for seven years and I’ve learned that an injury to one of us is an injury to all of us. Our union needs to be stabilized and move forward. I want to be a part of building a participatory, fighting union that is willing and able to increase workers’ power at U-M. We ought to be the ones with the power over our working conditions.


Allison Carroll, RN, 7E

Interim Chief Rep

Peds, Perinatal, Child Psych

I graduated from the Accelerated Second  Bachelors BSN program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2012 and hired in on 7East Mott in 2013. I am a preceptor for new staff and also work in the charge nurse role. In addition to direct care, I helped organize our skills check off for our nursing and tech competencies and our unit blitz. I was appointed to district rep for Mott P/P/P from 2016-2018. During that time I was active in representing our members. I helped plan and participated in several union actions during the last contract negotiations. I am a strong advocate for education with an emphasis on accountability and transparency to help engage our membership.

Ted McTaggart.jpg

Ted McTaggart, RN, 

Northville Health Center Care Navigator

Interim Chief Rep

Ambulatory Care Off-Site Areas & Health Centers/MVN/MVC

I’ve been with U of M since 2007 and a nurse since 2011. I work as the Care Navigator Nurse at the Northville Health Center. As a clerk and nursing student during the 2011 contract campaign, I helped distribute buttons to build solidarity among my fellow clerks and nursing students; that led me to being an MNA delegate every year since 2012, a district representative since 2014, and UMPNC secretary-treasurer from 2018-2020. I am interested in building a strong union with high levels of engagement at all levels.

Jackie Lampe.jpg

Jacquelyn Lampe, RN, Interventional Radiology

Interim Chief Rep

OR/Procedural Areas On-Site

I received my degree from U-M School of Nursing in 1997, and immediately went to work at U of M. This May marks my 14th year in Interventional Radiology (IR). In 2018, I became a district rep and began helping nurses to understand how the union can help them. As a member of the interim MNA-UMPNC Interim EC team, I want to make sure all members are represented. There’s nothing more important to me than my fellow members.

Jenn Delvero.jpg

Jenn DelVero, RN, FNP-C,

Medical Short Stay Units

Interim Chief Rep

Advanced Practice

I started my career at Michigan Medicine in 2008 where I worked as an RN in the ED for 6 years before transitioning into an Nurse Practitioner role.  As an NP I have experience with outpatient, inpatient and in an ED setting. I have remained an active member in MNA-UMPNC and given the lack of support I have received once becoming an APRN, I opted to pursue a representative position. Through my experiences, I’ve seen the need for a union and a contract that helps protect all Michigan Medicine Nurses. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I know the needs of APRN’s and am dedicated to making sure all unions members are represented fairly and equally.

To learn more about why there is an interim team, visit the FAQs page.

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