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The Michigan Employment Relations Commission counted the ballots in the election to determine the future of our union.

We came together as nurses and saved our union.


Michigan Medicine nurses voted to keep MNA-UMPNC as our sole bargaining representative. The final results were

MNA-UMPNC: 2,346; UMPNCIU: 1,664; and No Union: 15.

Now we must unite as we look toward the future of our union and continue to build upon our 45-year foundation. Here’s what will happen next:

  • Elections will be held to select our local’s officers and bargaining team for negotiations.

  • A bargaining survey will be sent out so that every member gets a say in determining priorities for negotiations.

  • We will keep fighting for what nurses need right now to keep our patients safe.

While it is possible that the “Independent” group will file numerous objections to try to change the results of this vote, we believe that no objections would be sustained.

Stay tuned for ways you can get involved and become an active member of our strong nurses' union. Together, we will be able to hold the employer accountable and win what our patients need and what nurses deserve.

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