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May 11- Bargaining Update

While Michigan Medicine is using Nurse’s Week to solicit donations from the public, management came to the table this week to communicate that they have no interest in discussing staffing ratios and made the outrageous claim that it is illegal for them to end the practice of mandatory overtime, despite contracts across the country having the same provisions.

Management would rather work nurses to exhaustion, putting our patients and licenses at risk than bring any real solutions to the table. If Michigan Medicine continues to refuse to bargain on nurse priorities, we will need to be ready to stand together to fight for safe staffing and an end to mandatory overtime.

Sign the petition to show management MNA-UMPNC nurses are UNITED in bargaining for a fair contract and keep wearing RED on Wednesdays!

General Membership Meeting

Don't forget to register for our General Membership Meetings at 08:00, 17:00 and 20:00 on Wednesday, May 18th. Come to find out what’s happening at the table and what you can do to help nurses win a great contract! 

To attend the meeting and receive the Zoom information, you must register.

As a reminder, only MNA-UMPNC members can attend General Membership Meetings.


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