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May 3- Bargaining Update

Today your bargaining team presented our workplace safety proposal, another high priority for our members. This proposal covers a broad number of issues from sexual harassment to physical violence and introduces language that holds the employer more accountable for employee safety and recognizes the need for emotional recovery following an assault. The current safety protections in our contract are not enough, and we demand that Michigan Medicine make changes to better protect nurses.

Keeping with our goal of winning a fair economic package, we also proposed increases in compensation for shift differentials. Maintaining staffing levels for every shift can be difficult. Additional pay is a strong motivator for picking up more challenging shifts and Michigan Medicine can afford to make sure all shifts are appropriately staffed.

General Membership Meeting

On Wednesday, May 18th we will have a General Membership Meeting. Come to find out what’s happening at the table and what you can do to help nurses win a great contract!

To attend the meeting and receive the Zoom information, you must register.

As a reminder, only MNA-UMPNC members can attend General Membership Meetings.

Don’t forget to sign the petition!

We are UNITED in bargaining for a fair contract that brings workplace justice and equity to all Michigan Medicine nurses. Please sign the petition at mna- and keep wearing RED every Wednesday to show your solidarity!


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