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Results of ULP Work Stoppage Authorization Vote

Dear MNA-UMPNC members,

Over the past week, thousands of nurses cast our ballots in our Unfair Labor Practice Work Stoppage Authorization vote.

The results are in and an overwhelming majority – 96% – of members voting gave our elected bargaining team the ability to call for a ULP strike.

Our bargaining team now has an important tool to hold the University accountable to the law. Remember, this is not an announcement of a ULP work stoppage.

We will only call for a strike if we believe it is absolutely necessary to make the University abide by the law. We hope that this vote will send a clear message both to Michigan Medicine executives and to the University’s Board of Regents.

Nurses will be going to the next Board of Regents Meeting on Thursday, September 22, to make sure they understand what Michigan Medicine’s administration has been doing. It is important that as many nurses attend as possible. You can RSVP by clicking here.

Our solidarity is our strength! Keep wearing red and remember to stay union strong.


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