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Protecting our MNA contract.

Protecting Our Patients.

Protecting Each Other.

It’s time to hold Michigan Medicine accountable at every level.


When new leadership stepped into place at Michigan Medicine, a backlog of at least 36 grievances dating back years was uncovered. These ranged in nature from wrongful termination to unaddressed disputes around vital topics to nurses like mandation. MNA-UMPNC’s interim executive team is working on reaching back out to those who filed the disputes and not letting management off the hook.


Additionally, MNA-UMPNC is being pro-active about holding the employer accountable. Rather than agree to management’s plan to close beds and relocate nurses without any additional compensation, we ensured float pay to make sure nurses impacted by the change would be appropriately compensated. We have also been able to gain victories from the employer at every level, including:

  • Protecting nurses’ right to holiday pay

  • Protecting nurses’ right to not have to have probationary periods repeated

  • Bringing the employer back to the table to discuss parking safety issues after recent incidents

  • Getting the employer to do an assessment of lighting issues around parking

  • Protecting nurses’ right to have a safe working environment.

  • We prevented nurses from being negatively impacted from downstaffing as a result of condensation closures. Additionally, we protected patients impacted by the closures from condensation by winning a designated nurse-in-charge and having clear safety guidelines. (If you have experienced management not following these guidelines or were assigned time off because of a closure and were not offered an alternative assignment, please reach out at the number below.)


If you are a nurse at Michigan Medicine and are worried your contractual rights are violated, do not hesitate to reach out. You can call 734-369-0260 or visit our contact page to get involved.

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