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Candidate List

Alphabetized by candidate last name


Kara Ayotte
Renee Curtis


Vice President
Kim Leavens
Aaron McCormick


Dispute Chair
James Chambers
James DelVero
Ted McTaggart


Stephen Kelly
Rebecca Lanfear
Brittney Lehman



Marina Marzac

Ernie Saxton


Chief Representative Advance Practice 
Jennifer DelVero
Jeremy  Lapham


Chief Representative Ambulatory Care Off-Site 
Jayme Champagne-Schellenberger
James DelVero
Erin Gossett
Kim Leavens


Chief Representative On-Site Ambulatory Care 
Anna Arms
Mihaela Reed
Vickie Schlak
Christina VanTuyle


Chief Representative UH CVC Adult 
Sierra Pietroytys


Chief Representative UH ICU and CV
Valerie Aldrich
Rebecca Lanfear
Lisa Ryan


Chief Representative OR and Procedures
Erin Lemma


Chief Representative Peds Perinatal
Matt Bodenham
Kelley Howell


Nominations Committee
Danielle Fairchild
Andrew Kischnick
Andrea (Drea) Mahoney
Marina Marzac
Emily Meyer
Josephine Morehouse


District Representatives

4C - Andrew Kischnick

4D - Danielle Heaton

4D - Lynn Tomaszewski

5C - Bret Kelly

6a/b - Julia Groves


Corey Foster

Katie Miner

7C - Krystin Moynihan

7D - Lisa Ryan

7W –

Brittany Lehman

Marc Loftus

Josephine Morehouse

8B - Rashida Williams

9C - Sherry Rinaldi

12E - Kim (Bolton) O'Neill

Adult Emergency Department –

Valerie Aldrich

Brandi Garlick

Sarah Nedam

Charles Philbin

UH Adult Anesthesia –

Stephen Kelly

Dan Sanborn

Randy Wright

Off-Site Ambulatory Gratiot - Andrea Reniewicz

Off-Site Ambulatory EAA - Kris Duletzke

BCSC - Rob McCormick

Brandon NICU -

Andrea (Drea) Mahoney

Cancer Center Blue - Anna Arms

Cardiac Procedures Unit - James Chambers

Care Management –

Sarah Mikkelson

Therese Smith

Care Navigator – Ted McTaggart

Central Nurse Triage (CNT) –

James DelVero

Jennifer Jerore

Children’s Emergency Services - Kenneth Garza

CSR/Adult Gen Care –

Hanna Enrequez-Chiang

Lauren Irving

Aaron McCormick

Melissa Raymond

CSR Telemetry - Sierra Pietroytys

CSR Ambulatory Care - Darcie Day

CVC4 - Kendrick-Quang Tran

UH CVC 4B - Terry McCullough

UH CVC 8B2 - Rashida Williams

UH CVC 8D – Erik Hopkins

UH CVC 8E - Valerie Convertina

UH OR - Kara Ayotte

UH PACU- Danielle Fairchild

Home Med Infusion - Maria Hagan

Interventional Radiology –

Jacquelyn Lampe

Marina Marzac

Maggie Shee

Diagnostic Radiology –

Doug MacArthur

Laura Northrup

IOW - Denise Bauer

KEC OR - Brittany Johnson

Mott Anesthesia CRNA - Paige Buie

Mott PACU - Ashley Rohde


Peter Fedor (Declined Nomination)

RaeDeane Hawthorne

Nancy Zittleman

MVN - Ashley Bierzynski

Peds Multi Specialty Clinic –

Jeff Rafko

Anne Jackson

Peds CSR PAC - Emily Meyer


Adam Paulsen

Kate Wesley

RAHS Center - Jeremy Lapham

RAHS Flint - Laurel Paradise-Bumhoffer

SICU - Ernie Saxton

VAST - Kelly Howell

VVWH - Stephanie Petee

Candidate Statements
Alphabetized by candidate last name

President candidate: Kara Ayotte

As your president through collaborative leadership, I intend to bring representation to all areas of our bargaining unit and give a voice to the underserved areas. I want to build a member led-member driven union that represents the wants and needs of our collective voices. I am committed to transparency, direct communication, and democratic decision making. I strongly believe that shared decision making and a commitment to checks and balances within our executive committee is long overdue and look forward to partnering with my fellow elected leaders to create this change.


I have been an active member in our union since 2014. I am currently a district representative for OR/PACU/Procedure areas since 2022 and have been a delegate for the MNA House of Delegates since 2018. I have been a part of multiple contract campaigns and have worked with state and local legislators for the Safe Patient Care Act. I am a delegate for UMPNC on the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, representing our local amongst several other labor groups in the region.

President candidate: Renee Curtis

First, it has been on honor serving as your President over the last two years. UMPNC has faced some of the most intensive challenges coming out of the decertification, rebuilding UMPNC ground-up, and taking a newly elected team immediately into a contentious-contract negotiations. Although a hard fight, with a couple of experienced leaders at my side, Kate Wesley, Kim Leavens, and Jenn Delvero, the commitment these women showed every day was second to none. I am grateful for their support as it assisted our team in bringing back a great contract.


I am committed to nurses and nursing profession. I believe that WE are stronger together standing as nurses fighting for nursing and the need for a professional culture within UMPNC which promotes Nursing Practice, Safe Patient Care, and a safe working environment. I understand the demand and effort it takes to create a strong leadership to represent our members. We need your assistance in electing leaders who put nurses first, believe in a nurse-driven association and commit in building a team who believes in solidarity first. For UMPNC to become an unwavering force, it will take a sound structure of accountable UMPNC Representation, experienced and commitment to frequent, open-honest communication at with members.


Much work is needed prior to the next contract negotiations. If you want positive changes with leadership accountability and most important an association you can be proud of, then I ask you for your vote continuing as your UMPNC President

Vice President candidate and Chief Representative Ambulatory Care Off-Site candidate: Kim Leavens

Hello, I’m Kim Leavens, I work in post-acute care services, and I’ve been a nurse at MM for 22 years. I am currently seeking the position of UMPNC Vice President. I hold the position of Chief of Ambulatory Care Off-Site areas. In my years I’ve been to the bargaining table numerous times; my major contributions include established ratios first in my unit 10 years ago and again in 2022, limits for assigned time off, substantial pay raises, and improvement of working conditions among other wins.


Two decades of experience gives me immeasurable insight, and valuable historical data relevant to decision making. Through hard work and dedication to our union, I have won the respect of colleagues, co-workers, and union leadership over the last 22 years. I believe in cultivating a collaborative team approach that is invested in your interests and the impact of outcomes in your unit or area, what impacts you today will impact me or others tomorrow.

I hold value in integrity, honesty, and dedication to advocating for nursing through building community, having consistent follow through, getting to know individuals and units personally, listening to truly understand, knowing the importance of learning from our past, and building on what we have fought hard for.


In my years of UMPNC experience, I have done the work, gained the learning, know the MM culture, and believe that my dedication and approach would be largely beneficial in the role of Vice President for UMPNC.

Vice President candidate: Aaron McCormick

My primary objective in office is to serve the membership, and also empower the membership. Show them the power we can have. My goal is to help solidify the voice nursing has in patient care and decisions.

Dispute Chair candidate and Chief Representative Ambulatory Care Off-Site candidate: James Delvero

My primary objective’s and priorities are fairly simple. Help members, collaborate effectively with union leaders, fight back against management trying to harm our union and more paid release positions. In the 21 years I have been engaged as a union leader I have been effective by representing every member as if their issue was my issue as well. All my career I have fought for what’s right for members against management. I have represented as a Teamster, I have represented and bargained in POAM at MM, and I have taken on multiple representation and committee roles with MNA-UMPNC.


At 19 years old I was elected as Chief Steward at UPS to represent hundreds of members in a very volatile production environment. After a year in this role I was asked by management to become a supervisor basically because they were tired of arguing against me. Reluctantly I took that position to see how management functioned at a major corporation. I wouldn’t have changed anything with that decision, it gave me valuable insight into Labor Relations. I left UPS knowing union workers are like no other workers and have such an important place in the structure of an organization. We truly are a powerful force if we stick together. That is why I would like your vote to be your dispute chair and my hope is to do such a good job for our members MM offers me a management position to try and stop me from fighting for you all!

Dispute Chair candidate: Ted McTaggart

I am running for re-election as UMPNC Dispute Chair. I have served in this role for the last two years, and in numerous other elected leadership roles within UMPNC since 2015, including Secretary, Treasurer, District Representative, and Interim Chief Representative. I also serve on the MNA Board of Directors as Treasurer and have been a delegate to the MNA House of Delegates every year since 2013.


I have worked as a nurse at U of M since 2011 - first on 5C in UH, then on 7 East in Mott and, since 2016, at the Northville Health Center as a primary care triage and care navigator nurse. I am a certified ambulatory care nurse. Prior to becoming a nurse, I worked as a float clerk at the hospital from 2007 to 2011.


Beyond strengthening our union, I am deeply committed to building a stronger labor movement from the bottom up. I have been involved in student and community labor solidarity work since 2001; in 2002 I was a summer intern at the Detroit-based labor publication Labor Notes. I have completed the Wayne State University Labor School and Advanced Labor Leadership Academy certification programs. I am active in my local Area Labor Federation as well as the All Campus Labor Council, a coalition of all the unions and labor organizations at the University of Michigan. As an MNA-UMPNC leader I have worked to cultivate a culture of solidarity that is a necessary component of a revival of working class power.

Secretary candidate and Chief Representative UH ICU and CV including ER candidate: Rebecca Lanfear

I would like to be considered for secretary. I have been a nurse here at the university for almost 17 years. I have done many different things while here. I have been on the framework committee, skin liaison, research, and translations committee, among others. I was chair of workload for my unit (4D). Co-chair of UBC. I am also the webmaster for the nit. My goal would be to improve communication between union leadership and members at large. I would make sure meeting minutes are posted in a timely fashion and available to all.

Secretary candidate: Brittney Leman

I am running for secretary because I want to help build a stronger and more engaged UMPNC. I have been a nurse at U of M for 6+ years and started my nursing career on 8A the Adult Acute Care Oncology unit. I am now an inpatient staff nurse and ENC for 7W Adult BMT and 8E Heme/Onc & Surgery. I’ve been a District Representative since June of 2021, acted as Interim Chief Representative for the Acute Care Areas at the end of 2021, was elected to the 2023 MNA House of Delegates, and am the Chair of the UMPNC Education Committee. I am passionate about education and advocacy, and I believe that is reflected in the roles I have served in.

I am an organized, driven person that has been a responsive union representative and resource to members I have aided in the past couple years. I believe I can execute the job of Secretary as the bylaws direct and hope to be part of an Executive Committee that values prompt two-way communication, genuine transparency, and one that will actively work toward building layers of leadership within our membership structure. A goal of mine is to empower reps and members to engage in our union in ways that allow them to do the things they enjoy and that play to their strengths.

Treasurer candidate: Marina Marzec

My candidacy for the treasurer position for UMPNC is well-founded and merits your serious consideration. My core values, dedication to the members, and understanding of the union's invaluable role make me a strong candidate for this vital role.


Firstly, I am committed to representing, advocating, and educating the members. These attributes are crucial to managing the financial aspects that directly impact members' interests. My desire to serve on the executive committee and contribute to building a cohesive team is equally important. A strong, united team can effectively support the president and collectively work towards the betterment and growth of the UMPNC.


My dedication to the union's causes is evident through my history of representing members and fighting for their rights. This experience is invaluable when overseeing the association's finances, as it ensures a treasurer who is not only financially responsible but also deeply committed to the union's mission.


Moreover, my awareness of the well-negotiated contract underscores my understanding of the importance of preserving and maximizing the benefits for union members. As treasurer, I will be pivotal in managing the union's financial resources to ensure these negotiated gains are protected and utilized effectively for the members' benefit.


My candidacy for the treasurer position is characterized by a solid commitment to members, eagerness to contribute to a cohesive executive team, and understanding the significance of a strong negotiated contract. These qualities position me as a highly qualified candidate who can prudently manage the union's finances while advocating for the members' best interests.

Treasurer candidate: Ernie Saxton

I, Ernie Saxton, would like to see our local bargaining unit, UMPNC, function at the highest level possible. In order to do that we need leadership that is going to empower members to be active and have a role in THEIR union. The union is the sum of all the members efforts. No one person, officer, representative can do it alone. It takes a village. I am willing to be a part of this process. Thanks for your consideration.

Chief Representative for Advanced Practice candidate: Jeremy Lapham

With over two decades in healthcare and ten years as a Family NP, I am stepping forward for the role of Chief APRN. My tenure with UMPNC demonstrates a dedication deeply rooted in a commitment to union-democracy and modernization.

Prior to holding office, my journey began during a defining two-year period with my fellow NP at RAHS, together we fortified our standing in the bargaining unit, realizing salary increases between 15-40%. As interim Secretary/Treasurer, I was resolute in preserving our union's values and contract, while also nurturing unity during a critical phase in our history. Upon election to the VP role, I turned my attention to contract negotiations and the vital organizing efforts for ratification. Throughout this tenure, I’ve leveraged my analytical and research abilities to enhance negotiation tactics and ensure enforcement in the post-ratification period. I've also steered our transition from fax machines to sophisticated databases, enhancing several union functions. 


Yet, the journey of improvement continues. Anticipating both employer intentions and the direction of emerging technologies and management trends is crucial.


As Chief APRN, I pledge to: 

  • Oppose attempts to outsource crucial nursing roles. 

  • Use foresight to identify and counteract detrimental technological and managerial shifts affecting our working conditions. 

  • Rely on my extensive bargaining experience for upcoming negotiations.


Focused APRN Goals: 

  • Championing all APRN segments, especially CNS’s. 

  • the APRN onboarding/transfer process. 

  • Vigilantly protecting non-patient-facing hours against employer encroachments. 

  • Amplifying educational avenues in scope and resources. 

  • Contest roles like anesthesiology techs that threaten our professional prominence. 


Learn more

Chief Representative Ambulatory Care Off-Site candidate: Jayme Champagne-Schnellenberger

My name is Jayme, I have worked at MM since 2003. I have worked inpatient Cardiology, Float RN pool with ambulatory care, clinic nurse at Canton HC, helped start the After-Hours Triage program, and now a member of centralized nurse triage.

I have been an active member of the UMPNC for more than 18years, recently graduated Advocacy Academy, and have also been on Workload as Chair/Co-Chair/Member for more than 12 years.

I am passionate about being an advocate for all RN’s and the difficulties that we face in the changing world of patient care, especially with regular, open, prompt, communication, and transparency and the entirety of all discussions going on with union and MM leadership.


I believe we all need fair and comprehensive representation, making sure to have regular contact with membership on hot topics to give insight and input to situations that may arise is critical.


With being a member of this union for more than 18 years, I have had the experience of working under a strong union that has backed the membership, but I have also witnessed when the union hasn’t been as strong, and we have struggled to have trust in job security, and knowing as a nurse that we are doing all we can for safe patient care, and I want to get back to that strength. I want to be a part of the solution to paving the way for safe patient care, and fairness in care that is given here at MM.

Chief Representative Ambulatory Care Off-Site candidate: Erin Gosset

We the people, for the people, by the people.

I stand for all union members having a say. Our union leadership should have open communication with all of our members active and a part of our union: we work for them. I have been a union rep and served in the House of Delegates. This year I graduated from the Advocacy Academy. I am excited to be a bigger part of our union and I will not stop fighting for you and your rights in the workplace.

Chief Representative On-Site Ambulatory Care candidate: Anna Arms

This is our union, and it should be operated as a union for all members.

I have been working at UofM since 2002 and have been in the Cancer Center since 2011. There are new daily challenges in ambulatory care, and it is often difficult to find contract language that addresses these concerns. We are frequently applying language that was written for inpatient nursing. Ambulatory Care Nurses have often been left out of discussions related to patient acuity, safe staffing levels and educational advancements. I would like to be the voice for the Ambulatory Care Nurses as Chief Rep for Ambulatory Care to assure we are seen and heard.

We need organization within our group to maintain communication over so many different departments across the system. I hope to work to increase the numbers of district representatives across ambulatory care so that every nurse knows their reps and has contact with them on a regular basis, not just when there is a problem. Having the ability to represent a large group that is physically distant from one another is a daunting task, we need someone with a strong will to make changes and be the voice of change and solidarity. I believe that I can be this voice.

Completely open communication and honesty for our members is key for a successful union. With the help of leadership, I will share information and stand up for the nurses represented by UMPNC. This will create a better working environment with safer patient care. During my time as a district rep, I have created a text chain with the Cancer Center Clinic nurses to update them on changes that might affect them and to celebrate the good in each of our lives. I look forward to increasing communication for all nursing and the union through a monthly newsletter.

I believe that every nurse deserves to be represented equally by our union and have never been one that backs down when confronted with a difficult situation. I will fight for our contract and what is right, for all the nurses. In my time as district rep I have fought for nurses rights in problem solving meetings, helping with scheduling challenges and incidents that could lead to termination. I believe that I have what it takes to stand up to management and push back when needed for the nurses and the safety of our patients.


The Michigan Difference should be more than just a slogan, it is what UMPNC nurses are. We are the Michigan Difference.

Chief Representative On-Site Ambulatory Care candidate: Christina VanTuyle

Hello, I am Christina VanTuyle BSN, RN from TC 3rd floor Infectious Disease Clinic. I have been with Michigan Medicine for 30 yrs., which most of my time has been as a nurse. I am proud of my time here and I am proud of being part of this union.


My objective as a Chief Representative for On Site Ambulator Services is to represent my fellow nurses at the bargaining table and show management just how valuable ambulator care nurses are, just like their in patient bed side nurses.


As Chief Representative of On Site Ambulator Services we need to make sure ambulatory care nurses are well represented in the contract from beginning till the end. If you are like me, I am tired of hearing we don’t think that applies to ambulatory care. As a union member we should receive the same benefits of what the inpatient members receive also. We in ambulatory care are going to have a fight on our hands so if you want someone who has always stood up for nursing, then I am the person for you.

Chief Representative UH CVC Adult candidate: Sierra Pietroytys

Building a culture of true transparency and active member engagement would be one of my primary commitments as Chief Representative. You deserve to know what union leaders are planning; you deserve updates along the way; and you deserve to be invited into and valued as a vital part of every step of the process. To me this includes more frequent meetings that would be open to all members and keeping lines of communication open and working. I want to know about the changes taking place in members’ work areas and fight with my members to fix what isn’t working for them. We all need to be active in the union to make it strong. Please allow me to be your next Chief Representative and work with me to make the changes necessary in our union.

Chief Representative for UH ICU and CV, including ED candidate: Valerie Aldrich

As an Emergency/ Critical Care Nurse of nine years, my goal is to unite our members by providing a platform where we can talk openly, create goals together and work together to make positive contributions to our areas. I often hear “the union is doing nothing for us,” and I hope to be instrumental in changing that mentality. I would like to empower each of us to collectively move this organization towards a fellowship that measures both accountability, transparency, and resolve while upholding our core values. I pledge to be open, honest, and more importantly, ready to fight for not only the Critical Care and Emergency areas, but for the whole of our union. I believe we have had enough. We are tired, but I know we have a fight left in us. Fight for the safety of our patients, ourselves, and for our coworkers. I believe we all deserve to have our voices heard; our complaints validated. I believe I am a strong advocate for our members. I have a background in management, and I feel like it gives me a leg up to understand many of the tactics used. I want our members to feel validated in their resolve. Throughout my time as a District Representative for the Critical Care/ Emergency services, I have made it my mission to stand up for my members, whether in the form of a problem-solving meeting, disputing unfair parking charges, fighting for FMLA or help with personal issues. My hope it to continue this momentum with the strength of an amazing group of Nurses!

Chief Representative OR and Procedures candidate: Erin Lemma

I have been a nurse in Michigan for over 18 years. During this time, I have been fortunate enough to gain experience in various units including PCTU, PICU, and NICU as well as the children’s ER, and as supplemental staff on the ECMO team. For the past 6 years, I have been in Diagnostic Radiology. During these years, I have served on many different committees including Workload, UBC, Mentorship, and Recognition committees. I have been a district rep in the OR/PACU/Procedure areas for several years and was recently elected to the House of Delegates. I believe that the OR/PACU/Procedure area needs strong representation related to the unique needs and scheduling complexities each unit has. I work in this environment and strive to understand individual units and specific concerns directly. Communication is paramount in representing members and I will continue to make myself available to the entire area. With strong district reps and a solid communication structure, I know we can make progress to include more specific contract language to reflect the work in these units. Direct input from those doing this work is the most important piece. I am committed to engaging members and providing clarity and support promptly. I humbly ask for your consideration to serve as Chief Rep in the OR/PACU/Procedure area.

Chief Representative Peds Perinatal candidate: Kelly Howell

Members deserve to have their voices heard. I am firmly dedicated to ensuring that each and every member receives fair and just representation. In the PPP/VAST area, I will work diligently to streamline the coordination of our district representatives, providing them with the necessary resources and support to effectively empower and advocate for our members. I will actively nurture and support the enthusiasm that others bring to doing the work of the union. I have a passion for contract language, and I will diligently work to ensure that the hard-fought contract we've secured is not only implemented but consistently enforced to create an equitable, safe, and healthy work environment for all of us. Accountability in our union leadership, transparency, and open communication are essential in establishing a democratic local that values the voices of all members and places the members first, and I am dedicated to upholding these principles.

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