Rep Area Reference List


Advanced Practice 

Chief Rep: Jenn DelVero, Virtual Urgent Care

District Reps:

  • Brittany Bossier, Anesthesia

  • Diane Gorham, Neurosurgery

  • Steve Kelly, Anesthesia

  • Jamie Neal, MSSU

  • Laurel Paradise-Bumhoff, RAHS Flint

  • Shawn Tipton-Hendershot, Urology (5C)


University Hospital and CVC Acute Care
4A/B/C, 5A/B/C, 6A/B/C, 7A/B/C, 8A/B/C, 9C,
ECT, CVC5, MICHR, CSR Acute Care, 7W, 8E, MSSU, SSU


Chief Rep: Aaron McCormick, CSR Adult General Care

District Reps: 


University Hospital ICUs and CVC ICU
4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, CVC4, TBICU, ED, CSR AICU, SWAT,
Survival Flight, Psych. Emergency Services, ECMO

Chief Rep: Christine VanderKolk, AES

District Reps:


Peds, Perinatal, Child Psych
7E, 10E/W, 11W, 12E/W, VVWH, Brandon ICU, 8CAP,
OB Anesthesia RNs, CSR PAC and PCC,

Children’s Emergency Services, VAST

Chief Rep: Kate Wesley, PICU

District Reps:


OR/Procedure Areas On-Site
UH OR, UH PACU, C and W OR, C and W PACU, MPU, Cardiac Cath, EPS, ECHO, CVC OR, CVC PACU, Radiology, Apheresis,
All on-site dialysis units, Kellogg Eye Center

Chief Rep: Jacquelyn Lampe, IR

District Reps:


Ambulatory Care Off-Site Areas and Health Centers/MVN/MVC
All off-site practices, including: ORs/PACUs (East Ann Arbor, Livonia, etc), Procedure Areas, Dental School, University Health Service, Flint Health Service, off-site ACNRP, PD and E staff nurses, MVN, MVC

Chief Rep: Kim Leavens, MVN

District Reps:

  • Jim DelVero, CNT

  • Erin Gossett, NHC

  • Maria Hagan, Home Med Inf.

  • Amy Long, MVN

  • Rob McCormick, BCSC


On-site Ambulatory Care/Case Management/Consult Services
Case Management, HomeMed/Infusion (hospital-based), Adult Pain Service, Pediatric Pain Service, Occupational Health, Radiation Oncology, Wound/Ostomy, Taubman Center, Cancer Center, Infusion areas, ALL on-site clinics

Chief Rep: Bethany Moore, Internal Medicine Clinic

District Reps: