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Meet the team:

Renee Curtis.jpg

Renee Curtis, RN

Emergency Department


I’ve been a nurse in the ED since 2002 and served in many leadership positions both at UMPNC and at the state and national level. I’ve helped negotiate four bargaining contracts for UMPNC and sat on the UMPNC Framework Steering Committee. With my knowledge and background, I believe I can be an asset to keeping UMPNC strong through this current situation and help us come out the other side stronger than before.

Ted McTaggart.jpg

Ted McTaggart, RN
Northville Health Center

Care Navigator

Dispute Chair

I've been with U of M since 2007 and a nurse since 2011. I work as the Care Navigator Nurse at the Northville Health Center. As a clerk and nursing student during the 2011 contract campaign, I helped distribute buttons to build solidarity among my fellow clerks and nursing students; that led me to being an MNA Delegate every year since 2012, a district representative since 2014, and UMPNC Secretary-Treasurer from 2018-2020. I am interested in building a strong union with high levels of engagement at all levels.

Meg Suell_edited.jpg

Meghan Suell, RN

Mott 7E Peds Hem/Onc/BMT


I started at MM on 8A and worked with adult patients for two years before moving over to my current role in Mott in 2019. I have served at times as a Workload Member, District Rep, UMPNC Delegate to the MNA House, and briefly as Interim Chief Rep. I am passionate about open communication and building the strength and solidarity of our union from the bottom up. 

Aaron McCormmick_edited.jpg

Aaron McCormick, RN

CSR Adult General Care

Vice President

My previous leadership at MNA-UMPNC includes service as a CTL, District Rep, and Chief Rep, and delegate to the MNA House of Delegates. I’ve been a nurse for about 10 years and I’ve learned that an injury to one of us is an injury to all of us. Our union needs to be stabilized and move forward. I want to be a part of building a participatory, fighting union that is willing and able to increase workers’ power at U-M. We ought to be the ones with the power over our working conditions.

raedeane hawthorne_edited_edited.jpg

RaeDeane Hawthorne, RN

OR Medical Procedures Unit


I have been formally involved with our union intermittently as a Rep since 2015 and have actively participated in organizational efforts such as informational pickets. I believe we are stewards of the members' dues and that there must be accountability. My top priorities are to keep our nurses informed and involved, and to ensure our local is fiscally responsible.

Jackie Lampe_edited.jpg

Jacquelyn Lampe, RN Interventional Radiology

Chief Rep:

OR/Procedural Areas On-Site

After graduating from the U-M School fo Nursing in 1997, I began my career at Michigan Medicine. My first position was a staff nurse in Trauma Burn. Then, in 2007, I transferred to the Department of Vascular and Neuro-Interventional Radiology. In 2018, I was elected district rep in my area and have been in union leadership ever since. I also serve as the UMPNC union rep for the MNA bylaws committee. I am honored to represent our nurses, and I will continue to strive for what is right, just, and in keeping with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

umpnc logo.png


Chief Rep:

University Hospital and CVC Acute Care

This role is currently unfilled.

Christine Vanderkolk 2_edited.jpg

Christine Vanderkolk, RN 

Adult Emergency Services

Chief Rep:

University Hospital and CVC


Hi, I'm Christine. I've been a nurse for about 12 years, and the majority of my career has been spent working in the adult emergency department here at MM. I started my career at a non-union hospital, and came to MM for the benefits provided by being part of a strong union. I'm eager to meet everyone, learn all that I can, and fight for the great contract we deserve!

Kate Wesley photo_edited.jpg

Kate Wesley, RN

Peds ICU

Chief Rep:

Peds, Perinatal, Child Psych

I am a night shift PICU RN. I have been an Area Rep or District Rep since 2008 with a small break in 2019-2021. I love being a union member and look forward to working with everyone. Prior to coming to the University of Michigan I was a rep and on the negotiating team for Hackley Hospital.


Vickie Schlak, RN 


Chief Rep:

On-Site Ambulatory Care/Case Management/Consult Services

I have been a nurse for 36 years and have been at Michigan Medicine for 11 of them. I have worked primarily in ambulatory care as an adult infusion nurse. I started my union involvement as a district representative 2 years ago. I take the role of representing my fellow nurses seriously and strive to be open and honest in my communications. I look forward to learning and growing in my role as an interim Chief Representative of on-site ambulatory care.

Kim Leavens_edited.jpg

Kim Leavens, RN
Home Care Services MVN 

Chief Rep:

Ambulatory Care Off-Site Areas & Health Centers/MVN/MVC

I've been a nurse for 28 years; I started at MM in 2001 at Homecare services where I still provide patient care today. I believe in providing a high standard of nursing care to our MM patients in the community and helping to bridge the gap from home to the broader health system in attempt to keep patient care in the home as long as possible. I have been involved in union representation since 2003 when my unit became part of MM, first as a district rep and now as a chief rep for all off-site practices. I believe the most important pillar of nursing is advocacy: for our patients and for one another. Therefore, I am looking forward to this opportunity to work in this expanded leadership role, providing support to and a voice for my nursing colleagues.

Jenn Delvero.jpg

Jenn DelVero, RN, FNP-C

Medical Short Stay Units

Chief Rep:

Advanced Practice

I started my career at Michigan Medicine in 2008 where I worked as an RN in the ED for 6 years before transitioning into an Nurse Practitioner role.  As an NP I have experience with outpatient, inpatient, and in an ED setting. I have remained an active member in MNA-UMPNC and given the lack of support I have received once becoming an APRN, I opted to pursue a representative position. Through my experiences, I’ve seen the need for a union and a contract that helps protect all Michigan Medicine Nurses. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I know the needs of APRN’s and am dedicated to making sure all unions members are represented fairly and equally.

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