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2.21.22 Incentives Update

Your union leadership engaged in repeated and prolonged negotiating sessions last week regarding the continuation and expansion of incentives. We persisted in advocating for the inclusion of all bargaining unit nurses (including APRNs) and did not agree to management’s inadequate proposals. On Saturday morning, we sent notice to the employer that we are committed to continuing to negotiate incentives. The employer did not respond to our correspondence but instead unilaterally granted incentive to a handful of units and withheld it from everyone else, disregarding the real needs of our members. The employer continues to refuse to bargain in good faith and has not provided all the staffing metrics and information we requested. You can read our memorandum on this topic to Michelle Sullivan, Director of Labor Relations for Michigan Medicine, here.

Departments that had incentive unilaterally implemented were individually contacted by their manager. If you did not receive an email, your unit was likely denied incentive by the employer. If you feel that your unit should have been included, please contact your manager and your CNO to ask why they chose to withhold incentive from your unit. You can view the organizational structure of Michigan Medicine and confirm who your CNO is here.

Our efforts to bargain with the employer on this matter are ongoing. We remain committed to our demand for safe staffing and appropriate incentives for all nurses. Staffing and incentives will remain a top priority as we begin bargaining our next contract. We will continue to keep you updated on the website and by email. Contact your district rep for more information or for ways to get involved.


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