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April 21- Bargaining Update

Management requested “examples” of unsafe staffing, the dangers of mandatory overtime, and problems with high turnover. Even though in December, our members delivered hundreds of ADOs to Nancy May’s office, many of which continue to go unaddressed.

In response, we brought in nearly two dozen members to share their stories, painting a heartbreaking picture of the struggles our nurses face every day.

Member stories included everything from inappropriate patient placement, dangerous changes to ECMO staffing, ED to inpatient throughput issues, and being required to precept two new hires at the same time, to a lack of ancillary staff, lack of staff in triage/surgery/labor/couplets in VVWH, a documented increase in falls and the unbelievable choices that nurses in NICU have to make.

Michigan Medicine requested extra time to develop a wage proposal for Nurse Practitioners. After 5 weeks, management presented the same 3% across-the-board wage increase as their proposal for the rest of the bargaining unit. We have contract language for pay parity for APPs and despite 6-10% raises for Physicians Assistants, they did not bring a fair compensation proposal for NPs doing the same work.

We need to show Michigan Medicine that nurses are UNITED in bargaining for a fair contract that keeps patients safe. You can make your voice heard by signing the petition at!

Keep wearing RED on Wednesdays to show your solidarity and please sign up to be a communications team leader by going to


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