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April 26- Bargaining Update

While management failed to make any improvements to their original proposal, we introduced our wage adjustment proposal and passed our changes to Articles 45/46/47: Discipline and Disputes.

Filing and hearing disputes has been a sluggish process in our current contract. We proposed consistent timelines for dispute steps and made it possible to accelerate to arbitration faster. The proposal also improves just-cause requirements for management to take corrective action, and adds language that improves the representation of our members by having the number of District Representatives better reflect the size of our bargaining unit.

We also rolled out a wage adjustment proposal for annual cost of living (COLA) increases. This proposal is aimed at addressing member concerns about rising inflation. Our focus is to first reach an agreement on COLA and then discuss general wage increases.

Unfortunately, management has yet to make any changes to their insulting 3% increase

We need to show Michigan Medicine that nurses are UNITED in bargaining for a fair contract with real wage increases that keep up with the rising cost of living.

Click HERE to sign the petition, and keep wearing RED on Wednesdays to show your solidarity!

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