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August 13- Bargaining Update

The Negotiation team met three days this week preparing, responding and engaging management with further proposals to counter their aggressive stance in maintaining their concessionary proposals. Your team continues to stand firm on language that allows nurses a voice in decision making related to their work environment and staffing needs.

We signed tentative agreements this week involving language on Bereavement, Variable Activity, and Reduction in Force. Nancy May’s email last week announced victory regarding agreements to keep current contract language. This announcement came prior to the negotiation teams reaching any agreements.

Your team will continue to provide transparency, honesty and the real truth as we continue to fight for the respect and recognition nurses deserve. We are fighting for safe staffing and fair compensation while maintaining the battle to keep our contract intact with no concessions.

Michigan Medicine is aware of the impact understaffing has on the hospital causing poor working conditions for nurses and an unsafe care environments for patients. They are putting profits over patients and this needs to stop now!

It is time to let our voices be heard by our communities!

RSVP to join the Townhall meeting on Thursday, August 18 at 6pm at the IBEW union Hall on Jackson Ave. It is our turn to tell the truth and expose the injustices our patients are experiencing when the hospital chooses to short staff our units. The community has a right to know what is happening inside the walls of Michigan Medicine.

There will also be a bargaining update with a calendar of events discussion, so you do not want to miss meeting!

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