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July 8- Bargaining Update

Dear MNA-UMPNC member,

Management continues to stand by their current concessionary proposals and has requested that the MNA-UMPNC bargaining team show them their own take-aways in their proposals. We listed several of their proposed concessions in our previous update. Of the many concessions proposed by Michigan Medicine, they clearly want to eliminate our nurses’ voice in the workplace. Our team discussed their proposal to incorporate incentives into the contract. We want a joint/collaborative process with shared data and information, so we have a say in incentives. Management told us at the table that they have no interest in mid-contract agreements and demand incentives at their sole discretion.

Incentivizing OA/OT to cover staffing needs is the band-aid management uses to address their failure to recruit and retain nurses. We know that management failed to recognize the dire staffing circumstance in the Brandon NICU. It was our union voice that forced the hospital to address the nearly 80 4-hour open blocks in one week.

Today at the table, we continued to push management with our proposals to incorporate improvements in Workplace Safety, Sexual Harassment, Environmental Conditions and protections from Contagious Disease.

We know that the employer’s definition of “good enough” is NOT acceptable

for safe patient care. We deserve better, our patients deserve better,

and we are ready to fight for better.

We need ALL of us standing in solidarity to show management that we will not settle for less.


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