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1.24.22 ULP and Incentive Update

On Friday, January 21, – faced with divide and conquer tactics by management – we received their demand that our union agree to eliminate OA/OT Enhanced and Standard incentives for 25 of the 36 units that have been receiving those incentives. Management demanded that we agree to eliminate Enhanced or Standard Incentives for these 25 units:

5D SICU 6D CCMU UHOR 7B PES NICU- Brandon VVWH (Enhanced reduced to Standard) 8E Overflow/Surge Unit (closed) 4B 8C SSU CPU 7C 5A 5B 5C 6A 6A/B 4A 8A 6C 7W 8E 7A Infusion

We had been engaged in discussion with the employer about the continuation of the then-current incentives over the last week with no mention on their part of eliminating incentives for the 25 units above amid the latest Covid surge. Management’s last-minute demand to remove incentives for these 25 units occurred without even a semblance of the good-faith bargaining that is legally required.

In response, today MNA/UMPNC filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with MERC, challenging Michigan Medicine’s unlawful failure to bargain in good faith.

We can no longer let them divide us based on our job family or our units. We cannot let them continue minimizing us and making profits on our backs. The hospital has taken advantage of our work ethic and moral integrity long enough. They need to do the right thing, and that right thing is to treat our nurses with the respect they deserve! It is time to stand together in solidarity and make our voices heard.


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