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3.19.22 Incentives Update

Management has made it clear that they will not bargain in good faith with the UMPNC for OA/OT incentives. They refused to meet with our full bargaining team until Thursday, March 17. Management’s failure to recognize what all bargained for Nurses have to face is unconscionable. We worry that this will be the employer’s strategy at negotiations of our full contract. Our UMPNC bargaining team made several counter proposals that incorporate management’s own functional vacancy data along with real frontline accounts from our team. Management refused to move from their initial proposals and would not bargain in good faith. Instead, today we were informed that following their “last, best and final” offer, they will unilaterally implement incentives without agreement from the Union. Our bargaining team met several times today to determine how to respond to management’s illegal bad faith bargaining. We have made it well known that ALL RNs and APRNs deserve fair treatment on incentives for going above and beyond! We will take next steps against Michigan Medicine in consultation with our attorneys. Management’s actions are an insult to every single one of our hard-working members. We are back at the table for contract bargaining on Tuesday, March 22 and will keep our membership up to date.


UMPNC's Latest Counter Proposal

Accept MM’s proposal for Enhanced incentives:

UHOR, 8B, CVCOR, PICU, PCTU, PCC-CSR cluster, 8D, PES, 4B, 6C, Cardiac Device

And demand that the Standard incentive includes all bargained for nurses which also recognizes APRNs.

Management’s Offer


UHOR, 8B, CVCOR, PICU, PCTU, PCC-CSR cluster, 8D, PES, 4B, 6C, Cardiac Device


VVWH, UH PACU, 5B, 5D (SICU), AES, ECMO services, CES, 7C, 5A, 8A Separate Incentives for Neuro NPs, MSSU NPs, Adult Cardiac Stepdown NPs

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