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Announcement: Work stoppage authorization vote

Dear MNA-UMPNC member,

In response to management’s disrespectful and improper actions, preceding, and throughout the course of bargaining, we are calling on all MNA-UMPNC members to vote on the authorization of a work stoppage for the purpose of protesting the university’s alleged unfair labor practices.

Specifically, this vote will decide whether to stop work to protest management’s unfair labor practices. These include, but aren’t limited to, charges of bad faith bargaining, improper changes to our working conditions, and the undermining of our elected union. MNA alleges that this conduct is a violation of the Michigan Public Employment Relations Act (PERA). All members in good standing will be able to vote. An affirmative vote of a majority of those voting will provide your bargaining team with authorization to declare a work stoppage.

In order to provide every member with reasonable opportunity to participate in meetings and vote, we are holding meetings and voting periods from 8/27 to 9/2. Please note the times and locations below.

Further discussion will occur at the special meetings. These meetings will provide the appropriate forum to have any additional questions addressed so that answers are consistent and accurate. You can also read FAQs at

Agenda as follows: Welcome Presentation – “Fighting for our Rights, the Safety of Patients and Ourselves” Q&A session Voting opens

Be prepared: management may try to scare us by saying this action is illegal or will put patients at risk. These are efforts to divide and intimidate us at a time when we need to stay united. We have done this before. We understand the law and how to protect our patients. Come to a meeting to have your questions answered from experience!

Saturday 8/27 7:45 am Ford Amphitheater 10:30 am Brighton Community Center Auditorium, 555 Brighton Street, Brighton 7:45 pm UH South Auditorium

Sunday 8/28 3:00 pm Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex, 650 Church St, Plymouth 7:45 pm Ford Amphitheater

Monday 8/29 7:45 am Ford Amphitheater 12:00 pm UH South Auditorium 5:30 pm IBEW L 252 Hall, 7920 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor 6:00 pm Ford Amphitheater 7:45pm UH South Auditorium

Tuesday 8/30 7:45 am Ford Amphitheater 4:00 pm Ford Amphitheater 5:30 pm Brighton Center for Specialty Care 2nd floor conference room 7:45 pm Ford Amphitheater

Wednesday 8/31 7:45 am Ford Amphitheater 12:00 pm Ford Amphitheater 5:30 pm Old Mill Museum, 242 Toledo Street, Dundee 7:45 pm Ford Amphitheater

Thursday 9/1 12:00 pm Dow Amphitheater 4:00 pm Ford Amphitheater 5:30 pm Utility Workers Union Hall, 15160 Commerce Drive North, Dearborn 7:45 pm UH South Auditorium

Friday 9/2 7:45 am Ford Amphitheater 12:00 pm Ford Amphitheater


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