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April 14- Bargaining Update

Management’s incentive proposals still do not go far enough.

This week, Michigan Medicine brought us another incentive proposal that did not apply to every nurse in the bargaining unit. All MNA-UMPNC nurses deserve to be recognized for going above and beyond to solve the staffing problems that management has created.

We will not let Michigan Medicine continue to try and divide us by department.

We countered their proposal and said that EVERY nurse should be offered an incentive. Management’s response continues to make efforts to divide our Union by selectively implementing an enhanced incentive to AES. This is an unfair labor practice and a violation of our contract.

Our bargaining team stands behind our previous proposal to eliminate mandatory overtime and add contractually enforceable nurse-to-patient ratios. Now, we are working to develop fair alternatives to cover unanticipated staffing needs-- not only for patient safety but to address a work-life balance for frontline staff.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released data this week that shows inflation is at 8.5%. Michigan Medicine’s proposal of a 3% pay increase would cause our members to suffer a wage cut this year. Additionally, we have been told that they will not have a wage proposal for Nurse Practitioners until April 18! We have data that shows our NPs are owed a substantial wage increase.

In order to win real wages that keep up with the rising cost of living, we are going to need to send a clear signal to management that their divisive tactics have failed and that nurses are ready to UNITE to fight for what we need.

Keep wearing RED on Wednesdays and please sign up to be a communications team leader by going to


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