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Michigan Medicine nurses have sacrificed to provide safe patient care every day of the COVID-19 pandemic. We work tirelessly for our patients. But our employer has disrespected us by fostering a work environment rampant with short staffing, moral injury, and burnout. We know there is NOT a shortage of nurses. Instead, there is a shortage of nurses willing to work under the current conditions. All patients deserve a nurse, and we as nurses deserve respect for our work caring for the most vulnerable.

Michigan Medicine must listen to its nurses and do the right thing.


Your elected MNA-UMPNC bargaining team is crafting proposals based on the results of your completed bargaining surveys. Let Michigan Medicine know that all 6,300+ MNA-UMPNC nurses stand behind our Safe Patient Care and Workplace Justice Bargaining Platform. Our demands include:

  • End understaffing through safe and contractually enforceable nurse-to-patient ratios and other guarantees

  • End multi-unit positions and unsafe floating

  • Launch a hospital wide “Work Load Review Committee” with enough teeth to enforce staff nurse recommendations not resolved at department WRCs

  • Fair wages that recruit and retain nurses and outpace inflation

  • Safe parking for nurses that is close to the workplace

  • Fix the economic and contractual inequities facing our APRNs

  • PTO Fairness and real PTO accessibility

  • Jointly agreed and equitable incentives and hazard pay for all bargaining unit members

  • Maintain and improve retirement and other employee benefits, including affordable and accessible health care

The University of Michigan has the resources to provide safe patient care and fair treatment for nurses. Its endowment exceeds $17 billion. The University is providing Michigan Medicine with a $920 million new patient tower. And Michigan Medicine’s operating margins are healthy, despite the challenges of the Covid pandemic. Nurses have heroically stepped up to the challenges of the last few years. It is time for the University of Michigan to do the same.

As an elected bargaining team, we are committed to keeping you updated.

Make sure to check back here at for the latest information.

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