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June 13- Bargaining Update

Work redesign and unit reconfiguration can make already stressful working conditions worse for our members; in our proposal, we added language to strengthen our union’s role in these processes. We are also addressing the need for us to be included in the development of new Pilot Programs. When management makes changes that affect the terms and conditions of our employment, our union has the right to bargain the effects of those changes.

Many of our members, along with fellow union workers across campus, have reported negative experiences with Work Connections. This week we had representatives from Work Connections attend negotiations to answer questions raised by our members. We focused our conversation on Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) and privacy concerns. We asked questions such as:

· How are IMEs requested?

· Who gets the results of that exam?

· How is the decision made to approve extended sick leave following an IME?

· Are the recommendation and opinions of our own providers respected?

· How is our members’ medical information protected by Work Connections?

The information provided in this session will be important when drafting our proposal for extended sick leave.

We are bargaining Monday through Friday again this week. Support your bargaining team by wearing RED on Wednesday and join us at our Rally at the Regents this Thursday, June 16th from 3pm – 6pm! With a strong membership, we can win improvements around these tough issues in our contract.

RSVP to Rally at the Regents HERE! P.S. Don’t forget to make sure you and your coworkers have all signed the petition!


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