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June 14- Bargaining Update

Post-acute care home health services are a growing enterprise at Michigan Medicine. RNs who deliver care as part of Michigan Visiting Nurses, Homemed, and the newly created Hospital Care at Home, face a unique set of challenges and risks. Working in a safe environment is a top priority for home care nurses, and rising gas prices are placing a financial burden on these RNs and their families. Michigan Medicine’s Home Care website says, “Our Vision - We will be the provider of choice for high quality, coordinated, safe and cost effective patient care by creating an environment that inspires trust, creativity, and commitment in our employees.” We are asking, what will Michigan Medicine do to support Home Care nurses and show commitment to their safety? We are taking the first step and writing new contract language that addresses the specific concerns of nurses in the field. This week we Rally at the Regents to let the Regents of the University of Michigan know that we are a group of passionate, dedicated union nurses who are united in demanding a fair contract. Last month in Dearborn, our nurses shared their concerns about unsafe staffing, moral injury, and the work/life hardships they face every day. Some of the Regents claimed our stories were “anecdotal” and “didn’t necessarily reflect the experience of other nurses,” while the data shows that 15.6% of newly hired RNs leave within the first year, costing the University hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to hire and train new nurses. With contract expiration two weeks away, now is the time for the Regents to stand with us and push Michigan Medicine to come to the table with a fair contract offer. Will you join us as we Rally at the Regents this Thursday, June 16th from 3pm – 6pm? Find more information and register to attend at


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