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June 17- Bargaining Update

This week over 100 MNA-UMPNC nurses stood together at the Regents of the University of Michigan meeting to remind the University that we are a group of passionate, dedicated union members who are united in demanding a fair contract.

Nurses gave powerful speeches and delivered our United We Bargain petition with over 4000 signatures as well as information and data to validate our concerns with staffing and safe patient care. With contract expiration less than two weeks away, now is the time for the Regents to stand with us and push Michigan Medicine to come to the table with a fair contract offer.

All MNA-UMPNC nurses are in need of fundamental improvements to work/life balance, safe working conditions and compensation. Our team is working hard to ensure that no nurse in our diverse membership is left out of our proposals at the bargaining table. Each specialty faces unique challenges and risks, but we are all nurses first and foremost, and we must keep showing our strength and solidarity to Michigan Medicine and the community we serve.

Next week our bargaining team will bring proposals for improved COVID and pandemic protections, remote work parameters and continue to develop package proposals to win a fair contract.


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