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Management is still refusing to extend the Critical Staffing incentive

We sent a proposal to Michigan Medicine’s administration days ago calling on them to extend our critical staffing incentive which covers all registered nurses.

Management’s response was to say that they did not see any need to extend the critical staffing incentive.

Management's refusal to continue the incentive for all nurses is a blatant manifestation of their lack of ability to recognize the need to staff appropriately for patient acuity and volume. To help management understand the importance of protecting our patients, we need to impress upon them the need to lead with integrity, transparency and honesty. They are not even following their own provided data to determine incentives.

Not only do nurses deserve these incentives, they are also still urgently needed to appropriately staff our hospital and keep patients safe. It is time you use your voice to let your unit management know your perspective around competitive compensation for the ongoing short staffing that continues to occur throughout Michigan Medicine. We need to impress upon management that they must “Do the Right Thing” and respect our nurses who understand and respect the needs of our patients.

We must stand together in Solidarity to create change. Real change for all nurses means to not leave anyone behind including our APRN nurses. Michigan Medicine’s administration needs to see that we are all united in pushing for what is right. The right thing is to have incentives that will allow all job families to be able to provide the “brightest and best” quality care to our patients.

The critical staffing incentive is currently set to expire on February 12 at 6:59pm. We will continue to advocate for incentives for all nurses equally. Michigan Medicine cannot just cut incentives without bargaining with the Union.

The current standard and enhanced incentives are in place until February 19, 2022.

We will meet and bargain over extensions to all incentives next week.

We will keep updated as the situation develops.


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