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March 15 - Bargaining Update

We held our first negotiating session with Michigan Medicine’s administration today. Their offer is completely insulting. Here is an overview of many of the concessions Michigan Medicine administrators are demanding from nurses:

  • A 3% wage increase across the board every year for a proposed 4-year contract. This is a cut to real wages when inflation is at nearly 8%.

  • Only a $1000.00 annual bonus for top of scale.

  • If MNA members volunteer to work additional hours, the overtime premium is waived.

  • Take aways to OA and OT.

  • Reducing staffing guarantees in many departments including ECMO and Pediatric Pre-op. They also want to normalize having patients in hallways by putting that practice into the staffing language.

  • Radical changes to CSR scheduling to staff units and gives preference to Per Diem and Temporary staff.

  • Doubling down on “multi-unit grouping” and floating.

  • Removing protections against On-Call hours making on-call apply to all nurses and in unlimited amounts. Also, eliminating our right to bargain over changes to on-call. Adding on-call requirements for VVWH and APRNs.

  • Eliminating the collaborative process and reducing the voice of Union Nurses 25 times in management’s comprehensive proposal, limiting joint decision making and mutual agreements. This includes bargaining changes to EMR and Joint Implementation Team process.

  • Striking our problem-solving meetings (PSM) to address absences and instead establishing a new punitive model for absences.

  • Limiting incremental PTO to 48 hours per year.

  • Changing the definition of weekend shifts and how the week is defined.

  • No longer having the ability to refuse work in concierge care.

  • Eliminating a special conference meeting with the Union prior to layoffs. Additionally, proposing an entirely new article for temporary layoffs.

  • Creating a lack of transparency for internal transfers. Internal and external applicants would be treated the same.

These changes to our contract are not acceptable. After all of the work we have done throughout the pandemic, we need for our contract to get better – not worse. Please show your solidarity by wearing RED tomorrow and visiting our team at the UH cafeteria. We will continue negotiations on Thursday. After Thursday’s negotiations, we will post an update on this website and to our Facebook group.


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