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March 17- Bargaining Update

Michigan Medicine is starting to see RED!

We spent the morning having management walk us through their 143-page concessionary proposal. As a reminder: they are seeking to attack our real wages, staffing levels, and attendance policy.

From the start, it was clear that management had been rattled by the strong unified response of nurses. They have already started to backtrack on what they initially wanted.

At management’s request, we sat through their Magnet Redesignation announcement.

Afterwards, we presented the vision of what we as NURSES are fighting for. You can see a copy of our vision by clicking HERE.

We are in the process of crafting comprehensive proposals that move our contract forward and not in the opposite direction. It’s clear that Michigan Medicine’s initial offer comes nowhere close to what nurses need.

Lastly, we spent the day bargaining for OA/OT incentives. We had a lengthy discussion about the need to incentivize ALL nurses at Michigan Medicine, including our APRNs. At our request we met with ACNOs, Nancy May, and management’s bargaining team on this topic.

We thought it was important that they all hear from us directly as nurses as we shared our heartfelt and passionate concerns about the direction Michigan Medicine is taking. Management is currently reviewing the incentive proposals we brought forward.

Want to get more involved? Worried about the future of Michigan Medicine? Ready to see patients come before profits? Sign up to be a Communication Team Leader and take an active role in fighting for the kind of quality contract that nurses deserve and patients need! Just click HERE to join the team.


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