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March 23- Bargaining Update

Our MNA-UMPNC team met Tuesday with management’s bargaining team and, at our request, Dr. David Miller, President of the Health System and Paul Castillo, Chief Financial Officer for Michigan Medicine.

We were shown a presentation regarding the financial state of Michigan Medicine from the onset of COVID through this fiscal year, including what is projected in upcoming years.

Michigan Medicine’s amount of cash on hand is larger than most hospitals across Michigan. They also have healthy “operating margins” (more commonly known as profits.)

We were troubled to hear that they are planning on funding nearly 50% of the cost of the new tower (they call it “The Pavilion”) using revenue that should be reinvested in our frontline nurses.

Michigan Medicine has already proposed major concessions to our staffing levels and other protections that would further degrade our work-life balance.

We all know that we need more from our next contract, not less: an increase in real wages, protected PTO access, and a powerful voice for nurses in the workplace.

Please consider signing up to being a Communication Team Leader if you want to work to make sure that Michigan Medicine’s large “operating margin” goes towards nurses and not just buildings. You can sign up by going to


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