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March 24- Bargaining Update

Today, Michigan Medicine’s administration put together a presentation to try to explain why they want to make changes to the overtime/over appointment premium. Apparently, the issue is that it makes it too hard for payroll and therefore costs them too much money. They claim that the amount of time charge nurses, administrative assistants (AAs), and managers currently dedicate to enter manual payroll updates costs a fortune (though they could not say how much of a fortune).

Our team then asked a very simple question: if it’s so hard to handle OA/OT premiums, why couldn’t Michigan Medicine simply staff appropriately from the start?

They had no response.

What Michigan Medicine won’t admit is that short staffing units saves them millions. However, we know that patients should come before profits.

We will always advocate for safe staffing and fair wages. Our next negotiations session is Tuesday, March 29. In the meantime, please plan to wear RED on Wednesday and sign up to be a communications team leader to get more involved.


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