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May 13- Bargaining Update

Management came to the table this week to communicate that they have no interest in discussing staffing ratios and made the outrageous claim that it is illegal for them to end the practice of mandatory overtime, despite contracts across the country having the same provisions.

These false assertions were further emphasized with the all or nothing package proposal management brought to the table. They proposed making it easier to require mandatory overtime and making it so volunteering to work beyond your shift will no longer count towards your four-hour individual limit.

Additionally, they are proposing eliminating the requirement to schedule a core number of CSR and ACNRP nurses to cover unexpected staffing needs, effectively eroding our CSR department.

It is clear that management would rather work nurses to exhaustion, putting our patients and licenses at risk than bring any real solutions to the table. If Michigan Medicine continues to refuse to bargain on nurse priorities, we will need to be ready to stand together to fight for safe staffing, an end to mandatory overtime and wages that keep up with inflation.

Management’s proposed wage increases would take FOUR years to catch up with the CURRENT rate of inflation. We have already proposed pay increases to outpace inflation in the first year of our contract with fair wage increases in subsequent years.

Wage and benefit details will be discussed at our membership meetings with a side-by-side comparison of MNA-UMPNC's proposals and the employer’s. Meetings will take place on Wednesday, May 18th, with options to attend at 0800, 1700 and 2000.


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