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May 5- Bargaining Update

Despite 7 weeks of bargaining, management still hasn’t made any proposals for economic improvements beyond their 3% wage increase that falls far below the inflation nurses and their families are facing.

This week, when our team proposed an increase to shift differentials, management responded with an insulting proposal that makes no improvements to shift compensation and instead puts forward takeaways for evening or night shifts of less than 8 hours.

We also proposed a new Central Workload Review Committee to bring nurse representatives together and discuss issues that are affecting multiple units. Currently, APRNs do not receive meaningful data to examine advanced practice workload issues. We proposed new language what will require monthly information to be provided to APRN workload review committees.

Guidelines for Charge Nurses and appropriate compensation were also proposed. Charge RN assignments are inconsistent across departments. We believe with better support for beside RNs through mentoring, relief for breaks and lunches, and staffing and patient assignment assistance, we can improve Charge Nurse availability and the quality of patient care. 

After weeks of bargaining, Michigan Medicine’s message is clear: they would rather take from nurses than give, which is why we must continue to stand UNITED in fighting for a fair contract. 

Please sign the petition at and keep wearing RED every Wednesday to show your solidarity! 

General Membership Meeting

On Wednesday, May 18th we will have General Membership Meetings at 08:00, 17:00 and 20:00. Come to find out what’s happening at the table and what you can do to help nurses win a great contract! 

To attend the meeting and receive the Zoom information, you must register.

You can register by going to: As a reminder, only MNA-UMPNC members can attend General Membership Meetings.


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