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Picket this Saturday!

Dear MNA-UMPNC member,

This Saturday is when we make our voices heard! If you haven't already, please sign the Pledge to Picket even if you will be unavailable, as it asks in a poll if you would be willing to participate in a potential future work stoppage to protest the employer's unfair labor practices.

We will meet at 10 am on Saturday, July 16, at Fuller Park Field 7 (east of blue parking lot on Fuller Rd.; the Mitchell Field lot and across the street are orange lots). There will be inspiring speakers from 10-11 am and then marching around the hospital will start from Fuller Field at 11 am.

You can park in the following locations:

Please do not park in the ramps closest to the hospital (P1 through P4 and CVC)

First shuttle will leave high school at 9:45 am and shuttles back will run from Fuller Field from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. Please refer to photo on FAQ page for parking at high school.

Please note, this is NOT a work stoppage. If you are scheduled to work and cannot attend the picket, please wear or accessorize in RED while working to show solidarity. You can learn more by reviewing our Picket FAQs by clicking here.

Tell the University of Michigan to RESPECT THE FRONTLINE and that MNA-UMPNC nurses will not be silenced. RSVP now for the informational picket!


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