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September 8- Bargaining Update

On Thursday of last week, our team provided Michigan Medicine with a comprehensive proposal on every single outstanding issue in contract negotiations.

Some of these items include:

  1. Wages

  2. Workload ratios

  3. Ending mandatory overtime and setting appropriate parameters for completion of care

  4. Changes to our current on-call process to include incentives based on prospective unit functional vacancy data and aggravating circumstances in advance of needs

  5. Creation of an incentive program covering all OA/OT when units are facing functional vacancy issues or aggravating circumstances

  6. Requirement of 1 year of experience for charge nurse assignments

  7. Building a Central Workload committee to consider staffing trends across Michigan Medicine

  8. Fair representation and compensation for APRNs

  9. Ensuring UMPNC internal candidates are provided opportunities for bargaining unit jobs

  10. Safety and workload protections for Visiting RNs who drive to unfamiliar environments and have heavy documentation responsibilities

  11. Achieving an agreement for remote work expectations

  12. Maintaining a problem-solving approach to absences instead of a punitive system

  13. A proactive way to end multi-unit positions

When we arrived at the bargaining table on Tuesday, we expected a robust counterproposal where we could find a path to an agreement. Instead, management came to negotiations empty-handed and stalled the process over two days by asking questions about why we want what is in our proposals. After six months of bargaining, management now claims they don’t understand our member priorities? We believe this demonstrates a complete lack of respect for MNA-UMPNC nurses.

We pushed the employer to bargain more today and we will negotiate two days next week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Bargaining update meetings for MEMBERS ONLY will be held TOMORROW on zoom.


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