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June 8- Bargaining Update

Michigan Medicine continues to try and justify their reliance on unfair staffing methods as needing “flexibility,” while our members suffer under the abuse of mandatory overtime, multi-unit positions and excessive on-call hours.

MNA-UMPNC recognizes the desperate need to increase the number of CSR nurses. CSR is an essential part of Michigan Medicine’s nursing staff as their adaptability and broad expertise fill a vital need for safe staffing while dealing with the challenge of maintaining competencies for multiple units. Our CSR floats need to be paid the same differential as designated float RNs and we are demanding an end to multi-unit positions that do not compensate nurses for floating.

The last few days were focused on the considerable task of negotiating mandatory overtime, on-call, scheduling, and staffing. With a strong membership, we can win improvements around these tough issues in our contract.

Our Rally at the Regents is quickly approaching. The university’s top leadership tell us they care about frontline heroes, but now is the time for them to show it. We need their support, so we need you!

Join us at the Regents of the University of Michigan meeting Thursday, June 16th from 3pm – 6pm. Find out more and register to attend at

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