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OA/OT Incentive Update

Dear MNA-UMPNC members,

As a union, we continue to fight for staffing incentives for all members. When Michigan Medicine tried to dramatically reduce the number of units who are receiving incentives, we pushed back.

After holding them accountable by filing charges with a statewide agency, we have been able to make progress. So far, we have been able to make Michigan Medicine offer additional standard incentives or enhanced incentives for at least 9 additional units beyond what Michigan Medicine initially proposed last week. We still believe this does not go far enough and that Michigan Medicine’s administration has no justification for reducing any incentives. Nevertheless, the progress we have been able to make shows the power of taking collective action as a union to hold the employer accountable. (You can click here to read about what steps we took to move Michigan Medicine’s administration.)

OA/OT Incentive Negotiations Update

Critical staffing incentives. This incentive applies to every nurse who is not already covered by a standard or enhanced incentive. We have gotten Michigan Medicine to agree to extend this through February 12, but they have refused to extend it to the 19th as we asked.

Enhanced incentives. Initially, Michigan Medicine was only proposing extending these incentives to 8B, 8D, AES, ECMO Services, CVCOR, PICU, PCTU, PCC-CSR cluster, and CES. After our advocacy, we were able to get Michigan Medicine to add in 5D (SICU) and UHOR. Even if you only use management's own logic and data, it seems clear that VVWH, 6D, and 7B should also be included. However, despite impassioned advocacy from MNA-UMPNC officers, management is still currently refusing to offer enhanced incentives to these units.

Standard incentives. Initially, Michigan Medicine was only proposing extending these incentives to VVWH, UHPACU, and 5B. After our advocacy, we have gotten them to expand this incentive to PES, CPU, 6C, 9C, INU, Cardiac Device, and Acute Dialysis.

Please note that both for the standard incentives and for the enhanced incentives, the agreements will be retroactive through January 23, 2022. (The critical incentive has continued to be in place.) Additionally, any CSR nurse that picks up in these clusters will be eligible for the extensions. Both standard incentives and enhanced incentives run through February 19.

Extensions beyond February 19: The employer has proposed continuing extensions for a very small number of departments. As a union, we believe that this will unfairly reduce the number of units who receive incentives and have instead stated that we should have ongoing negotiations on this topic so that we can keep advocating for more units to have incentives.

We know that what we have gotten the employer to agree to so far still does not cover every unit it needs to. We will continue fighting until all units have the incentives needed to keep our patients safe. This struggle will continue both in the short term as we continue to negotiate incentives and into the coming months as we begin to bargain our next contract.

In solidarity,

Renee Curtis, RN, MNA-UMPNC President Jeremy Lapham, RN, MNA-UMPNC Vice President Ted McTaggart, RN, MNA-UMPNC Dispute Chair


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